Who We Are

We are the first Latin-American robotics company looking to transform organizations through service robots.

People oriented

We like to think that by surrounding ourselves with amazing people, we get better every day at what we do.

We have implemented over a 100 technological solutions crafted by our highly skilled team.

We have worked and successfully helped more than 50 companies to embrace digital transformation through creative solutions.

Our robot army is incorporated by more than 60 Roomies in different areas to exceed our customers expectations.


One of the most innovative companies in LATAM

The MIT picked Roomie as one of the most innovative companies in Latin America since we are the only company in Mexico developing and implementing service robots solutions.

Board of Advisors Members and Partners of the Year

We were added to the Intel Board of Advisors because of the disruptive development of our robots and the strong partnership we have developed with Intel throughout the years.

Partner of the Year

This recognition was given to us in 2018 because Oracle believed in our solutions, it cataloged them as innovative and chose us as an excellent partner in sales, marketing, solution development and customer satisfaction.

First humanoid robotics company from Mexico

We are the first humanoid robotics company in Latin America to present commercial products in the consumer electronic show, our technology is available from the consumer technology association

Select Technology Partner

We have a strong partnership with AWS, we are recognized as a technology partner level select for the public sector, by our technical experience in delivering cloud native solutions and our specialized business knowledge in government, healthcare and education.

Best robotics company to code in Mexico

In Early 2020 we were named as one of the best places to code in Mexico due to our roomies happiness and fulfilment. We are proud of our people, of being represented and chosen by them as a best place to code.

Our Partners

Our Team

Every great product or solution we create, it is because of the sum of efforts of this incredible robot army, which not only delivers, but exceeds any expectation.

Meet the Robot Army

Aldo Luévano

Co-Founder & CEO

Hugo Valdés

Co-Founder & COO

José Alfredo Pólito

Co-Founder & CTO

Laura Romuroso


Ingrid Yoselin Hernández


Gisela Gasca


Abigail Hinojosa Forjas


Irene Oropeza

Sr. P.M

Luis Carlos Martínez


David Israel Montes

Sr. Developer

Rodrigo Cuéllar

Sr. Developer

Lenin Daniel Valencia

Chief Cloud Architect

Erick Ivan Martínez

Chief Data & A.I Architect

Jorge Rodríguez

Chief Sales Officer

Carlos Adrián Morales

Sr. Developer

Leopoldo Beristain

Sr. Developer

Xavier Ángeles

Sr. Developer

Francisco Galdino Hernández

Sr. Developer

Adolfo Ángel González

Sr. Developer

Gersom Gezer García

Sr. Developer

Jorge Alberto Medina

Sr. Developer

Miguel Zarco

Sr. Developer

Gerardo Ramos

Robotics Developer

Elisa Martínez

Jr. Developer

Raúl Hernández

Jr. Developer

Gracia Carolina Castillo

Sr. PeopleSoft Functional

Elías RIvas

Growth Hacker

Ángel Feliciano

Jr. Solutions Architect

José Luis Arias

Sr. Oracle DBA

Carlos Ignacio García

Robotics Developer

José Roberto Ramos

Jr. Robotics Developer

Jaime Ramírez

Sr. PeopleSoft SysAdmin

Isai Huerta

UX/UI Designer

Israel Muñoz

UX/UI Designer

Mario Emmanuel Morales

Sr. Developer

José Mahonry López

Sr. Developer

Mauro Alberto Rivero

Sr. Robotics Developer


Aldo Luévano

Founding Partner and CEO

Bachelor’s degree in Cybernetic and Computer Systems Engineering and Masters in Information Technology.

Director and project manager in diverse tech-oriented business, with over 13 years of experience.

“We founded roomie with the clear vision of starting an organization that continuously creates disruptive technology with social responsibility. We wanted to focus on the emulation and development of cognitive capabilities for humanoid robots, artificial intelligence products and software solutions.”



Founding Partner and COO

Bachelor’s Degree in Cybernetic and Computer Systems Engineering, Masters in Neuroscience and Marketing and IPADE D1 program.

Director and project manager in diverse tech-oriented business, with over 12 years of experience.

“I like to have a long term vision, since high school I knew I wanted to have a company that would impact society. With the same vision we created Roomie, we wanted to bet on a project that was innovative, profitable but most importantly: sustainable over time, because only with time you get stronger. We decided to specialize in disruptive technologies because we were fed up with the lack of development proposals in Mexico, we wanted to show the world that we are ready to reach the next technological level, we are convinced that our mission is to help everyone adopt these technologies.”



Founding Partner and CTO

Bachelor’s Degree in Cybernetics and Computer Systems. Master’s Degree in Information Technology Administration from Tecnológico de Monterrey.Has worked in large companies such as Cisco, Nortel, Avaya and Nestlé in different roles within the IT area for over 13 years.




Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering, International MBA in Spain and China and Master in Investment Projects.

Broad international experience in both strategic marketing & business development and B2B sales direction.

“The idea of being part of the one and only 100% Mexican Company which develops, produces and sells humanoid robotics is just exciting. We have the opportunity to make a positive impact on business and the society through our service robots and, lastly, provide our stakeholders with strong tools to face the future.”