Board of Advisors Members and Partners of the Year

We were added to the Intel Board of Advisors because of the disruptive development of our robots, we are the first Mexican organization creating humanoid robotics. The core of our robots is an Intel mini PC called the “Nuc”.

This small computer has great processing power that allows our robots to run their different modular capabilities, all at the same time. This is a key function because if any of our modules crashes, this could mean that our robots would stop moving autonomously, would loose the capability of communicating or their robotics vision ability.

The Intel Nuc has not only allowed us to experiment since we started developing humanoid robotics, now is an elemental piece in our robots that has integrated perfectly to our clients needs.

You can head over to our RoomieBot tab, where you can learn more about the development of our robots, the main 4 modular components that we have developed to create humanoid robotics solutions.

Co-Founder and CEO at Roomie IT