Custom Robotics Development

As we explained in our post “The rise of service robots”, service robots are gaining popularity in different industries due to the advances in artificial intelligence and the lowering hardware costs. In Roomie, we are dedicated to understanding the companies problems and creating technological solutions to solve them. There are cases when companies know they need a service robot to make some process more efficient and other where innovation is urgent for companies to improve their customer service due to the competitiveness of the industry in which they are, where there is no room for error. 

We have created customized robotic solutions for companies in different industries such as pharmaceutical, banking and retail. When we combine robotics with artificial intelligence, we can create solutions that would surprise anyone. Imagine that you are in the telecommunications or banking industry, where customer service is the top priority due to the large loss of customers caused by a bad treatment or a poor experience with the service.

Part of our value proposition is to connect our robots to the company’s Legacy Systems, so that they can have all the information about the services, products and promotions offered at that time even if it depends on the type of customer. Using artificial intelligence, we can create a personalized experience for each of the clients since the robot will have their data, their history and the processes that they have started online, so your clients would not have to wait to be attended by an account manager in order to have the service that they are expecting to receive and to be able to solve common situations that do not require staff intervention quickly and effectively through voice commands or using the screen. Not only would this help customers feel effectively served, but it would also make your company’s branches much more efficient.

If you want to know more about how we develop our robots you can visit our RoomieBot section, or the contact section to get an estimate.

Co-Founder and COO at Roomie IT