How does IoT work?

It’s no surprise that you hear about IoT everywhere lately as the trend of connecting devices to the network and developing “smart devices” is growing every day. IoT stands for Internet of Things, it basically makes reference to physical device systems that receive and transfer data over wireless networks.

It is becoming very popular due to the utility you can get out of them. Some of the main IoT devices you may have heard of are the thermostat Nest, which lets you control the temperature remotely or set it to respond to the weather, smart assistants like  Google Home and Alexa  that can play your favorite playlists, set reminders or get you an Uber so you’re never late again or even a smart fridge to let you know when you’re out of milk.

As the hardware needed for IoT development gets cheaper, all sort of applications and ideas are coming to life. The previous examples are great options for personal or home devices but, what about businesses? We live in the era where data is available and highly valuable and great innovations have been made with IoT to help in different industries such as manufacturing, with sensors to perform predictive maintenance and improve performance; in the agriculture industry to measure humidity or logistics and transport to keep tracking updated.

Of course we would all like our coffee to be brewed automatically at a certain time and not having to worry about controlling the thermostat, but the information you can get out of a smart device s is why IoT is really amazing, as Peter Drucker said, you can’t manage what you don’t measure.

Growth Hacker at Roomie IT.