What is Machine Learning?

Although the term “Machine Learning” (M.L) is very explicit and self explanatory, there are many questions that may come to your mind, such as: how can a machine learn? Can a computer be smart? Is this something out of a sci-fi film? Can my computer suddenly decide to chase me in the middle of the night?

So, what is Machine Learning? We all know that there is an immense amount of data around the world that now is produced not only by humans, but also by computers, smartphones and smart-devices overall.This data will continue to grow everyday, so how can we keep analyzing all of this information when it surpasses the human ability to extract what is most important out of it? The necessity of being able to manage large amounts of data is what led us to create automated systems, algorithms capable of learning from data and make predictions from it, and this is what Machine Learning is about.

M.L applications are just beginning to show, and you probably use some machine learning technologies in your daily life such as recommendations of what to watch next on you favorite streaming platform, or a song you might like based on your most frequently listened artists. 

To date, there is a wide range of applications being developed with machine learning to make human tasks better and faster and personalized technology for every user. At Roomie, we use M.L to create autonomous displacement solutions, object recognition technologies, smart assistants, among other cool things that would have seemed impossible some years ago.

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