RoomieBot Hospitality 100% operational!

We developed a hospitality solution for our client Totalplay Empresarial, where many problems are tackled by a single solution utilizing robotics. RoomieBot Hospitality is Roomie’s most ambitious robot yet, as it englobes a large series of cloud services that no RoomieBot ever had before, while also having the capacity of detecting COVID 19 symptoms with the usage of a thermal camera and a questionnaire.

Sometime in the near future, the hospitality sector is going to chase their service through robotics. RoomieBot Hotelery is designed to patrol hotel lobbies attracting clients in order for them to make their check-in or check-out, as it counts with a card dispenser that delivers the number of cards as accorded in the reservation. It also counts with a database constantly updated with additional information about nearby events and further hotel services, just as a concierge would. Last but not least, we integrated this robot with our previously developed COVID 19 detection solution to provide a safer environment in controlled environments while the pandemic continues.

Data is the new oil. I like to use this phrase to explain the value robotics solutions bring to the table. It is true that they automate certain processes with the implementation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, however the real value comes in the real time data that each robot processes in real time. This way organizations can get to know their customers better, keeping track of most requested services, most active hours or time season, trends according to gender or age, etc. This way our clients can know exactly what to offer every customer in order to create a custom made experience where the customer feels comfortable and they are more likely to acquire additional services or products.

We very much look forward to this partnership with Totalplay Empresarial will take us, as we continue developing new solutions that can be implemented in each robot for massive deployment. Look forward to being received sooner rather than later by robots.

Co-Founder and CEO at Roomie IT